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Not sure what it means exactly, but I have more "followers" on my personal Mastodon account now than I do on my LunaticsTV brand account on Twitter.

Also MUCH more discussion. Y'all are way more interesting!

Of course, this might be as much about personal vs brand accounts than about the platforms, but still seemed like an interesting milestone. And I pretty much abandoned my personal Twitter acct years ago.

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@shane There is @wordofthehour bot. Another, less intuitive approach, is to start following strangers posting in your target language. Your timeline will soon be full of posts you hardly understand and you'll get tired using online translators - that ensures a boost in motivation to learn the target language (via traditional methods) at once. (tested on me, works!)

Has anyone tried learning another language on Mastodon? Is there a bot, for example, that sends regular language lessons?

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Hey yall, what's happenin today? Anything big in the news?

I just (re)installed Mastodon using the services of @cloudron !

Well, I moved servers, and thought I had Exported the proper file to then Import into the new server, but now my posts and DMs are gone. Oh well. At least the Followers csv files made it.

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