This looks like an interesting security option, related to email:

Does anyone use this? Any feedback?

Oh oh, I'm running this on Yunohost and I just got a message that the app is marked as "broken". Yikes. Am I going to regret moving it away from Cloudron to YH??

Has anyone used Yunohost to install Mastodon, then installed Elastichost on the same VPS and got it working? Care to share the steps?

Starting my 52 year. I'm very grateful for the 51 that I've lived already.

Coins I've held for YEARS finally returned to the price I bought them (after losing %90+), like SYS, TRX, STRAT, and ADA. Now, I need ICX (ICON) & SC (Siacoin) and even STORJ to rise back up. Come on! You can do it! I don't need an ATH, just a bit more.

Doesn't Youtube and the advertisers realize that everytime an ad plays in the middle of a song or playlist, I decide right then and there to always hate that product, and vow to never buy it???

@petrolette Hi, this is @scooke, I installed a new instance. I'll using this one from now on.


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