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I now use the latest nvmutil, to set *random* MAC addresses on every laptop I sell!

I sell ThinkPads with coreboot and Debian Linux on my store:

Coreboot replaces proprietary BIOS/UEFI boot firmware giving you more secure control of your boot experience.

I wrote nvmutil myself, recently, to replace an older tool that I wrote before. One of its main benefits is that it can set random MAC addresses, hardcoded in the flash. This is the "default" MAC address, for your NIC.

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Open Source Gardens connects gardeners all around the world and encourages the use of open source seeds and similar philosophies. You can follow at:

➡️ (main account, in English and German)

➡️ (videos)

➡️ @handwritten (blog)

Their website is at

#OpenSourceGardens #Gardening #Gardens #Plants #OpenSourceSeeds #Activism #Commons #Environment #FoodAndDrink #OffTheGrid #Solarpunk #Permaculture #DIY #Deutsch #HomeGrown #HomeGrownFood

I don't think this will hit anyone's feed that is affected by this, but let me say that the bus drivers on Line 3, from Bayonne to Hendaye, are the most sour, grouchy, mean & unhelpful group we've ever encountered. Do they realize their impact? Or do they just not care? I've even see one purposefully drive into a lost elderly couple's car, which was just barely in the bus lane, out of impatience. The driver then told the bus passengers to scream also at the poor couple. Pathetic!

Have you seen the social media clip where a young dude "gives" an elderly lady flowers, and she supposedly breaks down crying in gratitude? The thing is, he didn't even give them <i>to</i> her, he just asked if she could hold them while he put his jacket on. *She* was the one doing the act of kindness by helping him. Then he just left, like he forgot she was holding something for him. He inconvenienced her right there because now she has to keep the thing she was holding to help him. NOT kind.

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When service X is down, everyone rushes to Twitter to write about it.

I spent years wondering where I would address my rants in case Twitter was down.

Today #twitterdown happened, the Fediverse remained healthy and up, and nobody here gave a sh*t about it.

Well, after the waste of time that Sovereign turned out to be, I thought I'd try Cozy Cloud. They recommend Debian 10, using Node12. Guess what... you can't (easily) install Node12 on Debian 10. Another waste. Why do people use these things???? Heck, Yunohost is way better!

I can't believe I wasted 8+ hours trying to get Sovereign to install. What a waste of time.

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What (software) tools do you use to analyse/store/process data that you recorded with #OpenTracks?
How to you export the data?
And what is your purpose?

I want to write some documentation showing which tools are available and how people were putting them together.

For anonymous answers:

#Survey #Boost

1.53 and 3:34 into the video for This Must be the Place has got to be one of the most transcendent moments in human musical history!

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If you're looking for initiatives that are a bit more techy than Grow Your Own Services, I've listed some in the "related" section:

If you have any suggestions for the list let me know!

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Germany announced a EUR 3.5 million/year new 'Sovereign Tech Fund' to support open source projects.

We look forward to creating complementarities with #NGI.

This looks interesting - but I admit to being confused why it was touted as being an option for self-hosting but then seemed to be all about crypto nodes. Well, the latest version more clearly separates the two. -host

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I think you can check if your medias url now uses your minio url.

Another test to be sure before burning everything is to just move your public files directory into another location and check if anything break.

We will be moving later this summer.... trying to find a good moving vehicle that can also carry 4 people!

Hello Mastodonians! I just finished setting up my instance to use Minio rather than local storage. One of the guides I read (but can't recall) said that once everything was working I could delete the public directory under system because all the media would now be on Minio... is this true? That would ave me 30GB of space, but I don't want to bork my instance either! Thank you!

I've been fiddling around with federated apps for awhile, just signing up here and there. More recently I've been self-hosting my own instances, but only I am on these. I'm slowly thinking of expanding the membership... any advice?

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This post is getting shared like crazy for the past hours....that's great! Would be awesome to get some projects through it. I already almost completed 3. 15 or so more left :). After that no more. I am 1 human I can't do a proper job if I take more than 20 or so. Anyway, thank you all for sharing it!

We also have where we provide trade-free services such as Friendica, Nextcloud, Jitsi, Peertube, and more.

I am releasing a new project to, hopefully, make some money so that I can support our TROM project and myself. This is it -->>

So. I provide managed instances for Mastodon, Peertube, Nextcloud, Friendica, and a few other services. On top of this I am making any kind of website in Wordpress. This is my "skill" and so I will try to make some money like this. I have to, I have no choice.

But listen.

I am not making a "business" out of this. I want to do a decent job at it, so I will only take 20-30 projects. Enough to sustain myself and have the time to focus on TROM, plus be able to properly manage these paid-for websites.

I tried to provide really cheap and very "tempting" offers, if anyone is interested, since I will only post once about this on my profile, the rest go on the Federated profile of the project -->>

Here is what I offer:





I can setup huge instances up to 25TB of diskspace. And provide support over email or chat (Matrix).

If you think anyone may be interested, give it a share.

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Coming next in #ciceronianaonline: a presentation of project Tacitus On Line (, encoding Early Modern commentaries on Tac. Annales. Interesting description of TEI XML encoding is in

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